10 reasons why I’m happy about 2013




I think this is the question I’ve been trying to answer for the past year. This is what happened in 2013 that I am happy about:

1. Travelled for half a year in a different country per month

After saving up for half a year and getting my Mexico visa rejected, I promised myself to travel in a different country a month at least until I leave Malaysia and bought my first ticket to Bangkok. This way I covered 5 countries till May and several more after that.

2. Finally took the decision to quit my job and move back to Romania. 

And to be honest, that was a tough decision. Moving back to Romania after 3 years of living abroad brought me a bit of an interior hussle, but I am happy I took this decision ( even though I absolutely hate winter) because it gave me the chance to anchor myself in reality.

3. Grew my hair

It took me almost 2 years to do it, but now it’s long and I am very content with the result.

4. Moved to the center of Bucharest. Start it all from scratch

Being back home was not easy and moving to Bucharest had its goods and bads, ups and downs. Starting from 0 all over again almost every year was not easy and I think the comfort zone I was living in Kuala Lumpur made me believe things are easier than they seem. No, no missy!

5. Made new friends. Got old friends back in my life

I am generally a stubborn person and if I break a relationship with somebody I do it for the right reasons and try not to get back into something that is not bringing me any good. Apparently, not all breakups are bad, because this year I re-became friends with people I haven’t spoken to for years and it feels really good because I feel I don’t have to impress these people as they already know who I am.

6. Got in the ESN International Comunication Committee

ESN has been part of my life since 2009 and this year I finally got in an International Commitee, where I can take decisions that will impact all the european sections and honestly, that feels good and empowers me to think bigger and have greater plans.

7. Started freelancing and did social media cover for the biggest business event in Romania

 I’ve heard a lot of stories about freelancing and met tons of consultants and freelancers but I was never put in charge of a freelance project so far, till I got in Romania. Freelancing has taught me to work hard, to respect my deadlines and to be persistent. It’s definately keeping me up to date and is teaching me a lot about businesses and myself. Not many times I’ve been told I can’t do it because I am too young, unexperienced, not knowledgeable enough, but oh well, I guess it’s not really true. I was trusted to create an online strategy, implement it and show the results for the biggest business event in Romania. It was a full experience for me of does and donts, especially when it comes to communicating with others.

8. Became more preocuppied with my body, mind and spirit and started yoga.

Starting yoga was one of the best decisions I’ve done in my life because it helped me strenghten my back, have no back pains, build body muscles and be happier. Yes, yoga forces me to be in the moment and gives me more energy and positive thoughts.

My new years resolution is to be able to do this.

9. Spent Christmas with my family first time since 2009

And there’s nothing more to add here.

10. Went to Turkey for a Malaysia gather up.

Me and my friends decided to make a gather up for New Years in Istanbul and to be honest this is the most exciting project at the end of the year. I started 2011 in  Portugal mixing the famous Romanian palinca with sangria, 2012 in Malaysia and got lost on the crazy crowded streets of KL, 2013 in Bali learning how to surf and 2014 in Istanbul with my very close friends.

What is your most proud moment of 2013?

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