25 years of freedom


Since I was a little kid, I’ve been a very independent and curious kid, always wanting to try new things. I didn’t get yet to the age when  boredom is part of the ,,repertoire’’, therefore I am always still looking for exciting stuff that would make my heart beat faster of excitement.

Turning 25 is a very big step for me, as it made me look back at what I’ve done in the past years and how I’ve evolved. My biggest development time started when i was 20 years old and I decided to go in Erasmus. Living in Portugal for one year, made me taste the luxury of taking decisions which I won’t regret. Ever since, I’ve had the chance of living for almost 2 years in Kuala Lumpur, 2 years which were probably ones of the hardest in my life, but years which marked beautiful signs on my soul. I am now richer in memories, friends and I am definitely a better human being. Malaysia was probably one of the biggest personal development time of my life. Obviously, I am still learning every day, but I remember Malaysia as being ,,intense’’.

Leaving Kuala Lumpur behind, I’ve travelled in Turkey for 2 months last summer, and then I lived in Romania and Hungary till recently. Hungary showed me that I am still independent, that I can make friends quite easily and it also taught me again what kind of people I want to have around me and what kind of people I would like to work with. 

So, what cool things have I done in the past 25 years?

 I’ve lived in 5 different countries
I’ve studied in an University abroad for 6 months
 I’ve been a proud ESN member for 3 years
 I’ve become the President of ESN Romania
Vice Chair of the Communication Committee
I’ve ran a campaign which reached more than 1 million people with 0 budget
Learned marketing by doing
 I’ve lead the organization of a 650 people event
 I’ve started doing yoga
 Travelled in 23 countries
Surfed for the first time
Swam with sharks in Perhentian Island
Took part in Thaipusam 
Saw the Chinese New year in Hong Kong,  
Celebrated the Thai New Year in Thailand
Spent New Year’s Eve in Bali, 
Learned 2 new languages, 
Worked in a company awarded by World Blue as being one of the best places to work in the world
Made friends all over the world

What do I expect from the future? To continue pursuing my dreams and stay fit and happy. 

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