5 pieces of advice while working for a foreign company



I recently went to a meet up organised by Reviro, the one and only company in Romania preocuppied of brain drain and bringing people back to Romania while matching them up with great local companies.  I am one of those people who are very interested in watching inspirational talks  that pump you up and make you leave that place thinking that you can conquer the world. However, when people are being brought in front of you, they are all successful and I don’t think we can all be the same. How can I know for sure that if I stick to Romania, the land of all possibilities and the country with the most hackers in the world, I am going to succeed , have a great family, a beautiful job and be able to follow my passion till I die?  The bottom line is all the same after all: follow your dreams, whatever they are.   Here’s what I think you should really keep in mind no matter what while working for a local or foreign company:

1. Have an open heart, open mind

I went to Malaysia with an ,,open mind” but to be honest, I realised I wasn’t even half as opened as I should have been, but I guess that was my lesson to learn. Be opened because you can never know which opportunities you say no to. One of my favourite examples is when I almost passed an invitation to Mike Dooley ‘s  (from the Secret) event in KL  which turned out to be an eye opening for me. 

2. Make friends

I moved a lot and I still do and I think it’s very important to have people to go back to, to call when you’re happy or sad, even though you don’t live in the same city. I also think it’s very important to have friends because they back you up when needed or when you’re down. They make you see the other side of the problems, with more objectives eyes. 

3. Steal everything. Ideas, friends, hearts, hugs.

Steal friendships, ideas, hearts, hugs. Steal as much as possible because it will definately help you grow personally and professionally. Being yourself in your own world will only bring you more frustration and inhibition when it comes to dealing with others. 

4. Learn

Learn from people, but also learn from your company, your manager, your CEO, especially if you work in a ,,liberal” company with flexi time and a very approachable managerial style. Learn anything and everything you are passionate about, be proactive, come up with great ideas. Somebody will notice you and you’ll maybe reach your goals faster and easier than planned.

5. Keep track ( blogging ) and implement

One of the things I feel sorry about is that I did not keep track of my experiences there by writing on my blog about it. I feel sorry because now I would have been able to remember more details about events that marked me and also to make me remember feeling which could lead me to rethink decisions I wanna take in the future ( such as leaving the country again, etc) .

What is number your one advice to be shared?


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