A part of me


Following the #ErasmusLoveStory, I decided to write something closer to me and, obviously, about myself.

 Before coming to Erasmus, a lot happened. I wasn’t the perfect sister or friend, it was a phase that affected some people around me, but I was only the lucky girl who had the right people beside her. They helped me turn everything around and I finally got to enjoy what I still had ahead of me.

I spent the most amazing summer and had the best goodbye dinner I could ever have


Then it was time to come to Bucharest, to something unexpected and that somehow was scaring me. I didn’t know what to think and how to act. It was a reality totally different from what I was used to.

One week went by and I started to socialize, all thanks to my superflatmates that took me out of the apartment. Well, it was on the first night I went out that I met a person that was able to change my Erasmus experience. He was an influence, even though I often say he was a bad one, he ended up being super positive.


I can say that the beginning of this sort of relationship we now have was a little awkward, but a weirdness that passed really fast. Something we frequently say is that we weren’t expecting nothing like this to happen, but life is life and I don’t regret any single second of it.

            To be honest, nothing like these corny and cheesy things are a part of me but to tell you the truth, plenty of the stuff I did here in Bucharest, I did it because he showed me or because he was with me. All the afternoons I mentioned before, the ones doing nothing, ordering food and listening to music or the “breakfasts” we took together, where I would steal fries or whatever he was eating, all of that changed the Erasmus where everybody said not to “fall for someone”. Well I don’t actually like to say that I did fall, I just like to keep things simple and not to label anything. I like to be with this guy and that’s it. I realized that every time I complicated a little by guessing the future or wondering what’s going to happen after the Erasmus, I was wasting time and worrying about the unnecessary stuff instead of just enjoying the time we’re having here. When the time comes, we’ll figure out in the best way we can.

            But, who am I lying to? I love the way we affected each other, and that guy who sometimes is just a pain in the ass and the most maddening thing on Earth, made a difference.

            Well, I guess we all have an #ErasmusLoveStory in our own way.



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