All we need is someone to lean on…

According to French newspaper Le Figaro, the student exchange programme would have been responsible for the birth of more than a million children in its 27 years of existence. Unfortunately not all erasmus love stories have such fairy-tale endings. But our stories…
By the way we don’t have a child YET ūüôā
Before Erasmus , when I was in my country , I was saying that I will never fall in love with someone because I had very bad¬†experiences from my other abroad adventures. It is too hard to lean on someone in one semester or one year, at least I was thinking that it’s too hard but it is not !
We met ¬†in March on Saturday night , during one of the regular pre parties. During pre-party I was¬†talking to her , dancing with her (that’s why I ¬†got addicted to pre-parties). But when we entered the club, I lost her and I didn’t see her for a while. After that, I saw her in a different party and we started talking again, maybe we talked for more than 2 hours. After 2 hours we started dancing and I was determined to¬†get her number. The sun was rising and the party was about to end, and I got her number when she was getting her jacket ¬†from cloak room.
After I got her number, I was messaging her sometimes. Some other times we were talking on the phone and I really wanted to see her during the day because our last 2 meetings were in parties. One day I asked her¬†for a drink¬†and we went to Journey Pub because I know that Journey Pub is one of her best place in this city. But still, I wasn’t sure that I should fall in love with someone in Erasmus because of my previous experiences.
Day by day,as ¬†we were going out and we started to know each other better. We started to get used to each other , we were seeing each other almost every single day. However, we never talk about ¬†being in a relationship. But we were falling in love without realizing it. How did I know this? Because we were looking into each other’s eyes dńĪfferently and we were kissing differently. We could feel that differences.
We started teaching each other’s ¬†languages, share other cultural stuff ¬†and at least, I started drinking wine.( before Erasmus I wasn’t drinking wine that much , but now… ) Now I know almost everything about her country, her culture. She is in my country now and ¬†I hope she is learning more about my culture.
                          keep calm
After 3 months , she became to my best friend, my father, my mother almost everything for me while being abroad..And now she is gone and I am alone in this city. Actually, I am not alone but feel alone. Because now, I am waking up alone, ńĪ am not getting any good morning kisses and I’m not dancing with her at parties. But we know that we’ll see each other soo , maybe in her country, maybe in my country or maybe again in Bucharest.
We are still talking everyday and usually she is talking in my language to me and I’m talking in her language to her. That’s super cute. At least we can understand some words or some expression. These days, our best expression is ‘I miss you like mad person’. Maybe it doesn’t sound ńĪnteresting in English but ńĪn her or in my language sounds awesome.
Now our Erasmus is almost over, and when I look back I had really good memories with her. We have really good stories together. I wńĪll mńĪss her for sure, I will¬†¬†miss this amazńĪng experience.
When the Erasmus programme is over, the couple will take two different flights to two nations far apart, but it won’t end only with a ‚Äėgoodbye’. The relationship was flowing so naturally, it made no sense to end it. And we know that this is not the end, it is just the beginning.
And  now the question is: who am I ?
What about you , have you felt in love during Erasmus ?

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