Asia, where are you?


I moved back from Malaysia 4 months ago. They passed like summer but I guess I still haven’t readjusted fully.

Last night, I went to an event at CROS, the so-called ,,Alternative University” in Bucharest, where 2 friends of mine talked about their one year experience in Indonesia and how that changed their lives completely. They talked about cultural differences, how chill and simple people in Indonesia ( Asia) are, how people’s education and values are shaped due to their religion, what are the good stuff about living in Asia and what are the downsides.

Hearing them talking I had a flashback of myself right after I came back from Kuala Lumpur, when everybody was asking me what was my experience like and how that changed me. Sometimes, telling people about all the crazy experiences I’ve had, all the hindu celebrations I’ve been to or how amazing was to spend Chinese New Year in Hong Kong seems like a TV documentary that most people understand nothing about and all they keep in mind are the stories (in the best case), but not the feeling of my stories. On the other hand, I keep in my heart and mind the feeling all those moments gave me and how they’ve changed me. How I’ve changed my perspective about religion and your individual’s connection with God or how I tend to care less about what society wants from me as a human being and how I try to rule my life with my own principles and not cease under the social pressure. I think nobody will ever understand our stories until they will experience for themselves the nature, the people, the water, the traditions.

My friends’ experience was different from mine because I got to know entrepreneurs and brilliant people I’ve had the chance to work with, while they got to know the local side more and all the indonesian’s tribe traditions and beliefs. I am saying this because these experiences made us set the expectations from ourselves for the future in a different way, because we lived different stuff and met different people along the way.

Asia, what have you done to us?

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