Bulgaria, part 2: an exhausting journey

 The first part in a nutshell “The surprise trip”: No sleep- Bucharest- Bus- Constanta- Hitchiking- No phone Battery- “Korean taxi” – Varna 

After our adventure to reach Varna, we met our French friends in their flat. Excited to see them again, we strated catching up about our different Erasmus lives (Norway-Romania-Bulgaria). It was really good to share our experiences. For example, Adrien, told us about the high life standard in Norway and we laughed about how much less i’m spending in Romania.898920_895977073781606_1024864243_o Shortly after we took a shower and a nap…we went to party!!!!

There was a party in a Spanish flat and we had a good time: we played beer-pong (French team “Eddy-Adrien” were the best) /erasmus/music, what else? A good party untill the cops came! Unfortunately, we had to leave and we moved to a club!!! I remember only one thing: If you buy a bottle of alcohol, you will receive for free a Milka chocolate.. WTF??? Just imagine, “I want to buy a bottle because I want  to have this chocolate tablet” heuuu stupid!


Finally, at 5 am we back home. After 1 day and half without sleep, red eyes, exhausted body, drunk , we couldn’t walk anymore. We had just 2 obstacles to reach the graal “bedroom”: 2 doors …Normally, it’s easy but for us, but at that moment it was different: we spend 30 minutes to open doors…We thought: finally we can go to sleep, we deserve it! Good night, sweet dream !


The day after was a chill day, but Juliette convinced us to go in gun stand. AMAZING is the word because I have never felt this sensation. I remembered the first shot, when the ball left the gun it moved all my body and I took a step back. We had some fun, we can say “we are ready for the war XD “. After the effort, a hot chocolate on the beach posey comme un poney !!! 


10 hours before our departure, we spend more time in a casino instead of sleeping , because free entrance, free drink …Nice. Maybe we didn’t win but we laughed a lot and made a noise. I thought the rest of the players will kill us!

Having had such a great time and great memories, we went back in Bucharest by … bus.

Thanks to Agathe and Juliette, Bisous les filles !
Posey comme un Poney,


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