Bulgaria.Part one : The surprise trip

 11541308_893540757358571_499987063_n“Surprise” is the perfect word to resume this trip! The first ,,ingredient” is  Adrien, a friend, who’s nicknamed “Laguitte”, and he’s from France. We are classmates in Orléans and he is also Erasmus, but in Norway.  When he decided to spend one week in Bucharest, I organized a surprise trip in Bulgaria to see 2 friends: Agathe and Juliette, who are both Erasmus in Varna.


Secondly, I booked a bus for the both of us: Bucharest-Constanta/ Constanta Varna. After a long party, we took the bus to Constanta at 7.30am.


Let’s gooooo to Varna!!! The first part of the trip was perfect. We arrived in Constanta at 11.30am, but we had just 20 minutes to get the bus to Varna. At that moment, some troubles came ! We got worried and we started running everywhere to find out where is the bus that was going to take us to Varna. After 20 minutes we had no answer … yet, the best answer was: “Sorry guys but the next bus for Varna is tomorrow”. Damn it, we thought!! Moreover, the meeting point with the girls were at 3 pm in Varna and we only had 3 hours and 150 km, our phones were out of battery. However, Impossible is not French! So, we decided not to wait until the next day.

After 3 buses, we arrived in “2 Mai” (name of Romanian city). After that, we had to find a solution to reach Varna…Hitchhike!!! Let’s do it! The first person who stopped, took us untill the border with Bulgaria. Then, the second person was even more amazing ! Why? Because of his nationality. Which? Guess…


” Hey, we need to go to Varna, can you pick us ?… Sorry, what’s your nationality? – I’m korean” Great!!! I tried the 3 words that I know “annyeonghaseyo” = hello, “gamsahabnida” = thanks, “yiepoyo”= you are beautifull. We said some jokes to win his confidence and we succeeded. The funny thing is the Korean driver was driving like a Romanian taxi… so fast! Finally we arrived in Varna at 3 pm and we met the girls! Success! Great memories! French Team!


PS: to be continued.

Posey comme un Poney,


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