Choose who you are

2013 was a year full of amazing projects I learnt about but starting 2014 with even better ones can only get me super excited.

Guiness come up with something really interesting. It connected the story of some amazing people in Congo with the brand message they are trying to spread out.

And as if the ad was not enough, they also brought up the story behind this video, which from my point of view makes everything more interesting and trustworthy. After all, besides the fact that the ad has an amazing story behind it representing some people who built themselves into something beautiful despite their unfortunate geographical location and life circumstances, those people still continue to trust in beautiful things, to show themselves that if you believe in something really deeply it can do wonders. Here’s how:


To be honest, it really got me thinking about life and choices. About the people you choose to have around, about the circumstances you choose to be part of, the locations you choose to visit, the opportunities you’re taking. The sun you choose to enjoy or ignore.

All in all, I think this is a great way of sharing your brand message through a powerful, quirky story.


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