Crazy types of neighbours and how we dealt with them


When my housemates moved to Bucharest, was February. Our block administration was ,,refurnishing” the elevator, therefore living at the 8th floor with no elevator for about 2 months was a lot of fun. 

When I bought them home, my neighbours saw us and wondered why my friends are coming over, one after another, with so many luggages. I had to explain that they’re my flatmates. That was easy.

The second type of crazy neighbour, is our door to door neighbour, who yelled, threw stones at our windows, knocked at our door, called the police, the owner of our house and eventually the administration. Why? Because we were coming home late, sometimes eat in the kitchen as normal people after 9-10 pm or just because we had friends over and she wanted us to pay more for the administration of the block. Should I mention we never had a party there? What did we do? Of course, I was the one in charge of all this because I speak Romanian. We never got to the police and I talked to the administration. We both agreed that I talk too much and I’m a good PR and they left me alone. 

The other crazy neighbour we have is the administrator of the block who locked the rooftop because I was having breakfast there and he’s that kind of person who always has something to tell me. I’m always trying to assure him that all is good. 

The last type of crazy neighbour we have is the one making noise all the time. For at least 2 months, every morning since 8 am to 10 am and in the afternoon, he was throwing balls on the floor, he was drilling or playing piano.

Something like…these guys

All in all, despite the fact that my housemates don’t speak Romanian and had a fight with our door to door neighbour in French ( even if she didn’t understand anything), now, we are all happy it’s over. We still need to open that rooftop for breakfast though….

Bebe de chocolat,


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