I’ll miss you #superflat

Hello, Good-bye Superflat.


I’ve lived in the superflat, in Piata Victoriei in Bucharest for about two years and I’ve spent mornings and sunsets there, changing rooms, moving luggages, travelling in and out, jumping in my super big bed.

And then, in February, they came, Za French and one little portuguese. We spent a lot of time together there and it reminded me of our #HappyBalcony apartment from my 3rd year of university, that gathered many secrets and big friendships.


The SuperFlat knows our lovers, our fights with our neighbour, how many times we went jogging and got back home breathing heavily, how many times we cried and how many times one could read the satisfaction on our faces.

Eddy and Ana were the last ones to leave and it only happened last week. It made me think about how none of my friends, or almost none of my friends are living in the same place as me. But well…

Now,  after 2 years of living in Bucharest #Superflat, I can say that I can run for about 6 km, I travelled in 12 countries, I became President of ESN RO twice, I can finally boil pasta without burning it and I speak better French.

Thank you SuperFlat. You’ll always stay in our heart.

Here is what happened in the past 6 months:



11352218_10207241364218573_1424469946_o 11749514_10207241367338651_1181665314_n 11749242_10207241362578532_1438764891_n


11758799_10207241361858514_1470736297_n                               11758934_10207241363618558_536484932_n 11759063_10207241363538556_100972706_n


11759532_10207241367258649_1226312571_n 11760425_10207241351458254_805875620_o 11774257_10207241361218498_457508582_n


11774535_10207241363698560_875126007_n 11770377_10207241361978517_1396325164_o 11739739_10207241352098270_642062121_n

11749302_10207241348378177_1710834830_n 11749532_10207241349898215_682160899_n

11748619_10207241363978567_2069514171_n              11266606_10207241366058619_526697404_o                        11748757_10207241362338526_1011214578_n              Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 7.53.19 PM

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