How big is your biggest baggage?



I’ve had to face a lot of times, people who were telling me lines from sitcomes and I had no idea what they were talking about because I haven’t watched either Sienfeld or Friends, How I met your mother or The big bang theory ( I dislike sitcoms with live audience). However, the only sitcom I’ve ever remembered lines from is Girls. This is how I actually found out about Baggage, a live TV show in US where people are going to find their soul mate and ¬†they have to come with 3 baggages: small, medium and big and reveal them to the big public. They all represent ¬†small, medium and big secrets or burdens, or stuff most people don’t know about you.

Watching this show has made me think about my baggages and I realised that there are so few things I could admit about myself in front of other people, especially in front of the whole country. Moreover, I also realised it’s very hard for me to acknowledge which ones are my small, medium and big baggages, because I believe that that involves a lot of introspection and thinking. Admitting that you do have a big baggage and realising how big is your baggage might actually turn you in a better person or professional.

If there’s a small baggage when it comes to my professional activity, I think i would have to chose the fact that sometimes I had to work with people I absolutely disliked.

My medium baggage would be that I sometimes wouldn’t do things on time, not because I wasn’t able to do it, but because sometimes I liked staying longer in the office to get things done while nobody was there.

My big baggage however, is that even though I never screwed things up, I was very close to do it in situations where they required all my time and attention.

What are your baggages?

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