How doing customer support can influence your business

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Most people think that doing customer support is for loosers, but here are a couple of reasons why you should do it and how it can impact your business.

1. You find out how entertaining your readers/ customers are

Reading offline messages such as ,,test, test”, ,, hei fuck you” or ,,belly dancers songs” are just a few of the things that you can receive while doing customer support/ community management

2. You see how difficult/ easy it is for them to use your product/ platform. 

Every time I receive a question about the company I’m working for, I realise where people get stuck and eventually I try to find solutions to try to solve their problem and make their life easier. Questions like ,, How do I post an ad”/ ,,How do I contact a driver” or ,,What does this button do” are just a couple of questions that help me identify the lacks of my platform. Answering these questions helps me improve my business and also help customers be happier and continue endorsing my activity.

3 Visionaire, marketer or just new employee

Doing customer support/ community management for the above positions in particular is very important because you get to understand the flaws of your products, the practicality of it and even notice details that you’ve never thought that could influence the behaviour of your customers.

4. You understand how they think, what they like or what they resonate with

Doing community management, you can easily spot a problem and solve it right away, but also you can get to know your audience. Do they speak english, do they like more practical advice, do they read your blogposts or do they like videos? Any of these questions can determine the type of content you should prepare for your platforms and also see which platform you should start paying more attention to.

My advice? Go ahead and enjoy it !

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