How Romania stole my heart


Coming here, I never thought I would love this place so much, especially Bucharest. I arrived expecting to be here for only four or five months and that it would be just another trip, a longer one, and that the end would be just another end. The truth is that it turned out to be the other way round.

The first days here were the hardest ones. Even though I had my sister with me for one week, seeing her leave was the worst. That combined with my huge bad luck, almost made me go back to Portugal. Everything wasn’t going the way I planned. The weather was awful, cold as hell, I couldn’t understand when people talked to me, and even shopping was a struggle.


One week later, everything changed. The world finally started to spin, all because of my amazing housemates. We began to hang out more with each other and helped whenever one needed. Friends and parties started to pile up and the amazing Erasmus spirit appeared.


We had dinners every once in a while – what made us fall in love with the wonderful Romanian food, Erasmus pre-parties where we could talk all night long and enjoy the drinks and all the moments we spent together. Every single one of these events brought us closer and right now that the Erasmus period is almost over, it’s getting hard to say goodbye to all these amazing people, to all the experiences we had, to this environment and this enormous and incredible family we created.

The truth is that I actually miss Portugal. I miss the food, my family and friends, my pets and everything that surrounded me, but I love the person I turned into while my stay here, in Romania. And that’s why Romania stole my heart, because everything that has happened here, good or bad, is to be valued, and like it or not, is now a part of me.



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