How to spot a bad HR manager

Have you ever had to face HR managers? How many times did you leave an interview saying that you’ll never want to work for that company just because of the HR or actually, on the opposite, the HR made you fall in love with the company and what it represents.

It happened to me many times to be disappointed and currently its even more frequent when I am being contacted on LinkedIn.

There are a couple of examples of very bad mistake that I’ve encountered so far. HRs out there, don’t hate me, but please watch and learn.

  1. Recently, somebody asked me for an interview and never showed up nor followed up with me.  After following up with her, the person said
  2. Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.37.54 PM  Trying to grab my attention, but not giving me enough details from the beginning and making me waste my time in interviews with you or your clients, to understand that what you are actually looking for and/or your expectations are not my expectations. It happened to recently, to be put in a similar situation and it did not feel right at all. As a marketing person, I try to protect my name in the best way possible and putting me in embarassing situations is definately not the way to go. 
  3.  Being late on the 3rd interview you schedule and asking me if I can move in your office, but not telling me anything about your company and what would I ever want to work for it. Remember: you are the one contacting me, not the other way around, therefore I think a small intro is always welcomed. 
  4. Expecting the candidate to speak very good English, when you, as HR, make many English mistakes. The last person I spoke to had a pretty bad English accent, it was very hard for me to understand and she/ he was not very coherent. 
  5. Making me sign a confidentiality agreement, before even explaining me what your company does and why you are expecting me to sign that document. I have seen your linkedIn profile, but why don’t you tell me more about your company and make me be stoked about it before you make me sign anything?
  6. You’ve seen my CV,  but don’t you want to know me a bit so that you can try to see if I might be a good fit for your company? Very little people nowadays ask you details about your life like: ,,Hei, I’ve seen that you’ve worked in different countries so far. How do you feel about moving again?  Have you ever worked with International people? What do you like most about it? What do you do in your free time? etc. I think trying to get into my head, just a little bit, might give you a hint if I match with your current team or not. 

I do think that when CEOs, or whoever is hiring HR managers need to pay more attention to what on and how these HR managers are working, so that your company’s brand will be displayed in the best way possible.

Have you had similar experiences? 

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