Innovating the workplace- a 21st century recipe

Ever since I started working on my own company, I’ve been fascinated about how things change in the work place and what are the perks and conditions that are keeping employees happy and productive, because let’s face it, as managers, we all want this.

Working for Mindvalley in Malaysia for almost 2 years, made me understand that having a job does not have to be boring: your don’t have to hate your team mates and you don’t have to work in a cubical. However, even if the trend of investing in fancy offices is starting to slow down because of the slower investments in startups, I still believe that there has to be a magic potion that is keeping employees happy and confident that the world can be a better place and they can contribute to making it so. 


Having worked in many startups so far, having had both good and not so great experiences, I believe that there are a couple of things that can be done in order to make sure that innovation at the workplace is not just a concept, but something that can happen in your company all the time.

I think innovating at the workplace means one thing: to adapt to the trend and match the expectations of the employees of the 21st century ( and believe me, even my mom would agree to this, even if she is not a Millennial). This can mean both innovating the place that people are working in/ for, as well as giving employees the possibility to innovate in order to make them feel important and happy. 

Among the things that will keep people be innovative at the workplace, one can count: the office design and environment in general – hiring only A class people can boost competition and innovation in a good way, the learning opportunities ( such as books, courses, conferences that employees get paid to go to) or other perks such as team retreats ( that can be better than any team building) after which employees can leave wow-ed and extremely motivated to rock, all year holidays ( so that they can work whenever and wherever they want) or appreciation of employees( through events such as Female Appreciation day, team badges, team buildings spendings, a raise or just tapping them on the back and telling them how great they’ve been). This goes both ways: your office will always be innovative and people will be excited to go to work every day and they will also be encouraged to innovate and bring 110 % of their energy every day. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 4.52.20 PM

I guess the secret is stay opened and listen to your people. They are your family, and if you have chosen right, they are there to stay and make the world a better place together with you, so as a young entrepreneur, you should keep that in mind.

If you make sure you cut the BS, they will be there to have your back no matter what.


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