Language exchange Bucharest

When I came to Romania, one of my objectives was to speak Romanian, but I totally failed. Fortunately, my desire to speak Romanian got me to meet some great people: my best Erasmus friends! It was in the first Language exchange meeting where some foreigners came to learn Romanian basics in a very friendly atmosphere. Drinking beer, in a group of 5, we tried to repeat the following expressions: buna dimineata (good morning) , mi-ar placea (i would like), ma cheama ( My name is )… Our group was composed by Murat, Thibaut, Gosia, Jeanne and me. The first impression was awesome because we started to share experiences and we laughed a lot.

In case I’m going to speak about them further on, I’m going to briefly introduce them to you:

 Murat is from Gaziantep,Turkey. He is like my “Kardesim” ( = “brother” in turkish). Since the first time we met, we spent a lot of time together: we played football, basket, had dinner, we had parties and tequila shots. We have something else in common: ESN (Erasmus Social Network), the association that helps integrate foreign students in our local communities. Murat is part of ESN Uludag and I am part of ESN Orléans.


Thibaut is from Laval, France. He is as ” mon Frère” ( “brother” in french ). He, me and Murat are inseparable and we call ourselves the “Pic” team! During the past months I gathered many stories, pictures and movies that I could share with you, and maybe I will. One of the things that me and Thibaut have in common is that we support the best football forever: FC Nantes… sorry Murat for FC Beshiktas. Moreover, we both have a born talent for beer pong and for messing around.


Gosia is from Rzeszow, Poland. We are very close. We share a lot things, from music, dance, Polish & French and the fact that we are both late all the time! She told me that she is better than me in badminton and beerpong… No way! Something she is certainly better than me is dancing! Gosia is very nice and she’s having a  great energy, I believe she is my superwoman!


Jeanne is from Orléans, France. We are classemates in Orléans at IAE (Management school). I really like this girl, she is crazy like me! French people are crazy that’s why one should love us. Thanks to her, I met all these people! Merci Beaucoup!


Maybe I didn’t learn Romanian but I began to build my Erasmus family and that’s the most important thing for me.

Posey comme un Poney!


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  1. Alina

    Congratulation Eddy!

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