Life in Italy. Part 2

I need to be honest here. I have been told so many things about Italy before I moved here, that I was sure I was going to have the time of my life. I don’t know if anything could beat Portugal, but maybe that was it. Well, so far, it’s nothing of what I expected to find here and a lot more things are making more sense now that I’m here: to why and how italians are using hands and gestures, to why they use their face in a certain way, or why, every time they get in Romania they believe it’s paradise.

Let me tell you how life is in Italy for me. The first part, when I explain moda, pizza and coffee shots can be found here.

  1. Antonio fa caldo. Well, if it was that easy.  Antonio, as a name, is used as much as Joao in Portugal. A little bit too much I may say, in both cases.
  2. The Pope. I knew Italy is famous for its Pope but I would have never thought Italians sell anything that is connected to the Pope, have small praying sanctuaries in the street, like I’ve only seen in Hindu people’s houses, or watch everything on TV thats about the Pope.
  3. Smoking. I really thought only Eastern Europe has a problem. Generally, its forbidden to smoke in the train station or the trains. But who cares? Everybody does it anyway and its no open space.
  4. Highways. Wanna meet a bus driver who doesnt know how to open the barrier in the highway? I’ve met one and I laughed my ass off.
  5. Traffic. Do you wanna be a nice person and cross the street in the appointed places? Don’t worry. Nobody is doing this anyway. Moreover, if you would be in an ambulance in Naples, the chances of you dying are higher because you can’t reach the hospital, due to the traffic that looks a little bit like this
  6. Housing.  I need to be honest here, I haven’t see that many houses, but many of which I’ve seem so far, don’t have doors for the rooms, therefore everything is just an open space. Weirdest thing? Is that they rent all the 3 rooms, as if you could have your own space. And let’s not get into the discussion about how you rent a bed with 200 euros/ month.
  7. Brotherhood.  Don’t get me wrong. I have very good friends too for whom I would do anything, but we don’t kiss non stop, we don’t hug non stop,  we don’t always sleep at each other’s place, we don’t do everything together. Instead, we have personal spaces and lives. I feel like people here are a bit too dependent of each other and now as independent as I or my Easter European friends are. But maybe that’s just my opinion. 
  8. Football. When I was a little girl, I was watching a lot of football matches with my grandfather. Now, it’s definitely not my favourite sport. However, I would definitely watch football with Italians, because it’s like watching a comedy. Don’t believe me? Give it a shot yourself. 
  9. Coffee. Wanna meet? Let’s drink a coffee first. Coming back home from a party? Let’s drink a coffee.  Coffee in Italy can and shall be drank 24/7. 
  10. Gingers. When I first moved to Budapest, I thought that hungarians have a lot of ginger people. That was until I set foot in Italy this summer. Ever since, everywhere you go, you meet gingers. Who would have thought?

So, anything else you wanna add to the list?

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