My 2014 year in review

As this article already mentions, I have decided not to let Facebook do my 2014 in review, as I think I can draw the line and decide if my year was spectacular or not.

These being said, I can say that I had one of the most intense years of my life.

  • Travelled to 11 different countries
  • Attended 9 ESN International events
  • Have had the chance of managing an intern. Learned plenty from this experience
  • Became president of ESN Romania, something I have wanted for a very long time
  • Won the elections twice for Vice Chair of ComCom and did my best to prove I was the right choice
  • I managed to supervise the organization of a 650 people event
  • Lived in 2 different countries
  • Managed to stay committed for a #100happydays challenge
  • Restarted blogging
  • Met very old friends and made new ones
  • Had the chance to do marketing for a startup in Budapest
  • Became more self aware of what I need
  • Freelanced
  • Graduated the Online Google Academy and learned about ppc campaigns
  • Graduated my first year of masters
  • Been interviewed by a Portuguese TV Channel
  • Became more appreciative after #MH17 plane crash
  • Spent 25 hours in a train
  • Read a bunch of marketing books
  • Planned a social media campaign that reached more than 1 million people with no budget
  • Been a speaker twice at the European Institute in Bucharest

And most importably, I got back my motivation of reaching high and of doing amazing things.

Thank you 2014!

4 thoughts on “My 2014 year in review

  1. This makes me feel very very lazy!!!! Sounds like an amazing year!

    • frogu

      Ahahah Ian. I am sure you did lots of stuff too 😀

  2. Congrats & have a new year with even more events and accomplishments!

    But now tell me please: on which route did you spend 25 hours?

    • frogu

      Hei Anca,

      Thank you!
      I travelled by train to CNR Krakow from Bucharest to Krakow. It took me 25 hours straight to get there :))

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