My New Years in Budapest and the 9 rules of living there

After spending an amazing NYE last  year with my amazing and gay friends, who dragged me in all the relevant Istanbul bars, I decided to go for something else this year, so I went to visit my friend Gui in Budapest. This was probably the last time we were going to see each other for a very long time, as he is moving back to Brazil, so I thought it’s the perfect time for us to spend some more time together. 

I dragged along my French friends from Timisoara, Leo and Oli, as I knew how much they wanna see Budapest.


For me, was a very different experience now, as living in Budapest, I’ve seen things differently, maybe also because I was working and my group of friends at that time wasn’t as big as now. I’ve got the chance of seeing a different Budapest, a Budapest with a lot of cool local places, a Budapest with a lot of sun and tourists, a Budapest with nice people. 


What did we do this time? I gave a city tour to Leo and Oli, we’ve seen the sun after a very long time with cloudy weather in Romania, we went to Kiraly spa, we checked all the bars I didn’t get to go while I was living there, we had the most amazing boat trip on Danube on New Years, ate Indian food, I’ve spoken mostly portuguese and French, I’ve shared secrets, had a Brazilian dinner with coxinas, celebrated my birthday in Budapest and bonded more with the people I already knew. 

NYE was one of the best decisions of my life. We had a boat trip on Danube, for 3 hours and had great wine and food with about 80 people who were in the same mindset. Everybody was happy, nice and with lots of good energy. At the counting, we were passing in front of the nightly lit Parliament and enjoyed an amazing view. I think the feeling of being there at that moment does not compare with anything  I’ve lived so far.


Another cool thing that happened was that my friends decided that even though they came to Romania for my actual birthday, I never had the chance of celebrating it in Budapest, the way it was supposed to happen, so I got to have my birthday party again, along with other 4 Brazilians. And because I had a crown in Romania, they said I need to get a crown now also, because as Brazilians say ,, a queen never looses her crown’’. Don’t believe me?


Besides the amazing time I had with them for the past week, we also came up with a 9 rule of living in Budapest ( after  a lot of night reflection)


1. Don’t die

2. Don’t fuck fuckers. Good people will always wait

3. Don’t eat your hair

4. The little moments in life feel as good as the little pieces of BigMac

5.Don’t trust drunk Andrea ( Andrea is a male non English speaker Brazlian)

6. Go for ,,Alex’ in Starbucks, as they will never spell your name correctly

7. Call Ian

8. The beauty of Budapest is in my hair. Never forget that

9. Don’t sleep more than 20 hours a day

Now, coming back to Bucharest, made me understand that I should appreciate myself and my friends more, along with all my experiences in the cities I’m living it.

Have fun in Budapest! 

One thought on “My New Years in Budapest and the 9 rules of living there

  1. Friends could make a hole in the ground seem like an interesting place. So, throw amazing friends into a great place and that’s where the magic happens :).

    Look forward to seeing you again.

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