My (Romanian) addictions


When I was in Portugal, I barely had what I called “addictions”. Well, actually, I just had one – Chocolate! But now, Romania gave me plenty more, some that won’t and can’t be continued once I get back to Portugal.

#1 Food: I used to like food, now I find myself loving it. I can eat almost everything and I love to try different food, especially Romanian. Me and Chloë are always going to new restaurants and now we have plenty to choose from. Also, we discovered that some food is amazing for hangovers and after parties. Shaorma is always a good choice after a party – Dristor or Calif, as Eddy suggested before. Though I have an exception – whenever someone goes to MacDonalds, stealing fries or the actual food is an option at all times.


#2 Doing nothing all day: This is the way I spend some Sundays. You all know that we go out a lot, since we’re Erasmus, and probably you think that we spend our days sleeping. I won’t tell you it is a lie but sometimes it’s just not true. When I spend my day doing nothing, I just lay in bed listening to music, watching TV series and ordering food. It’s an excellent way to recover from all the parties, hangovers and bad nights we might have had.

#3 Partying: I can’t call it an addiction. It’s more of a habit already because I can pass a day without partying but not a week since it would mean losing some great moments with amazing people. We do like to party and we are in the right city to do so. Some Wednesdays and Thursdays, but every Fridays and Saturdays, parties are a certainty and we always have a great time.


#4 Shopping: This is one that I share with Chloë, of course (; Whenever we are feeling low or less happy, this is our drug. Even if it’s just a walk in the mall and buying groceries after it, we feel way better, probably it’s because every time we go to AFI (a huge mall in Bucharest), we stop to have some Torta with chocolate.

This may not make that much sense to you, reader, but I definitely love it!

And just a Post Scriptum,

I want to thank my amazing Buddy for all the support, love, help and everything she did for me. She was super amazing and awesome! Thank you so much Andrada! You were the best! Enjoy all your time overseas and we’ll see each other soon!




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