My Turkish end has to be a happy end

 Éddy wrote about his favorite country and I think we all have to confess that the four of us fell in love with Turkey in our own way. Alex likes it as a country she lived in, where she has good friends, big emotional experiences and funny stories, Ana as the country she wants to go soon to visit Istanbul in a huge Erasmus gathering, Éddy nourishes special interests for Izmir and its girls and I… Well, I fell in love with Turkey I think 5 years ago listening year after year to my parents youth trip to Istanbul, I was dreaming about Grand bazar,  blue mosque and the sea. I could imagine myself walking in the city, surrending by seagals and I was begging my best friend every single Christmas holidays to take me there.


When I got accepted in Romania, checking the price to go to Istanbul was one of the first things that came to my mind. I was pretty determined to go there. Then as we wrote it way enough, we met a lot of Turkish, we had Turkish meals, Turkish breakfasts, Turkish songs, Turkish dances, Turkish delights, Turkish raki and Turkish kisses. We learnt how to speak it, all of us. Or at least we know how to say the worst and the best words in this language.


But when the time came to realize my dream, to take a 12 hours bus to reach this amazing country, I had never felt less enthusiastic in my life. I didn’t book my ticket, I didn’t book my flight back to France and I didn’t organize anything, I became the worst travel buddy ever. However, once I got there, the magic happened. I was amazed by every thing around me. We started our trip the best way possible, discovering Istanbul with the perfect friend and guide, hosting by the best Turkish couple and eating food cooked by a chef.


Our stomachs couldn’t take any more such as our memories. We had a hard time leaving this city, full of colors, islands and cultures, but it was only to discover something even nicer; Capadoccia. Sunrise, sunset and hikes in the moutains, seeing airballoons for what I believe was a first time for us in such a rare landscape was an incredible  experience.


Following on our holidays, we went to Pamukkale and its hot water to finish in the most perfect seaside city; Antalya and its mountains. And if tomorrow my Erasmus is really over, I am leaving with the perfect ending and memories that my skin is not ready to forget.



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