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When I first heard about Erasmus, I thought it would be a great opportunity to visit a country that I’ve never visited before. France was my first option but it was Romania that got my heart.

I was super excited because I had heard so many things about Romania. I have friends that had already been here and their feedback was more than positive. However, once I started telling people where I was going to, they started to clip my wings saying that I was going to a land of gypsies and of poorness. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be like that.

As soon as I started packing, I was finding myself stepping into an unknown reality, way away from my comfort zone. Somewhere you could party all night long, almost every single day of the week. Something that wasn’t a part of me but now I realize it’s my life.


The girl that came here isn’t the same as the one leaving. Romania and the experiences I had and I’m still having here changed me hard and, to be honest, for the better. I think all of us are heading back home as new people. More confident, happier and feeling good, because we did have the time of our lives!



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