Public speaking in your mind

My hands start sweating and my heart starts beating faster everytime I have to give a speech, even though I was told numerous times that I am that kind of person that inspires a lot of confidence when I am first met. I consider myself rather shy than ,,out there’’.

 However, as a little kid I liked to be in the center of attention and I guess this is one of the reasons why  I’ve put myself out there so many times so far.

 Out of my shyness, it comes also the fear of public speaking. But I decided to change that, so I founded  Incitement SpeakUp, a public speaking platform where I had people coming every week to face their fear of public speaking.

 This weekend however, I was invited to give a presentatjon at the ESN Hungary National Platform, which was held in Balatonfured near lake Balaton in Hungary.

 I prepared myself and I knew what I was talking about, but still I was quite impatient and my hands started sweating before my presentation, even though I’ve read  numerous articles on how to face your stage fright and how to focus on your message rather than on your stage fright. Being focused on the message worked. What happened is that my 2 minutes presentation lasted 10 and I spoke clearly, with a lot of confidence and for the first time in my life I felt I nailed it and representated on the stage everything that was representing in my head. No more sweaty hands, no more fears. Now, I am even more excited than ever to SpeakUp.



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