Routine number one


Living here in Romania for the last four months, we started to develop some routines; one of it being studying in some places. Alone, with Eddy and Alex, just Alex, friends, just Eddy and Alex, to get some sun and lemonade, wine and salmon, hot chocolate and cake, it has been a great way to discover the city, and it still is as I am writing this from Gradina Verona. I don’t know if we can call it the most efficient way of working, but it got us some 10, few articles published and a thesis. But most of all, we are now experts in chill places across town and we even built one in our own balcony where we can just sit, listen to music, talk about life, smell encens while drinking wine and savoring homemade guacamole. Ana and I have also been good tourists for dinner places, a way to reward ourselves for being such great Romanian students. In these privileged moments I feel like I am almost Romanian and I know how lucky I am to have the best superflamates ever to share my time, it has been a great way to know them and the city, Noroc!


Here are some of our favorites:

  • Carturesti: definitely a good winter place to have amazing tea while listening to French music and enjoying some art on the walls
  • Bistro Adhoc : a bit expensive but the best lemonade ever
  • Senaca café: eat as much as you can in the quietest place in town. Weeeell, that’s not the concept but I surely gained 1 kilos in 6 hours there
  • The Red Bar, it’s absolutely not the name of the place, or is it? It’s located somewhere between home and our university, ciorbas are amazing, milk is cheap and the decoration is hipsterish.
  • Ceainarie Bernschutz: So cozy I could have slept there, I was even able to speak Spanish with the waitress and they have maté, what else could you ask for?




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