Saying good bye

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Right now we are heading towards the end of our Erasmus and I’m not feeling so great about it. I know that everything good must come to an end, but it’s still hard to accept it, especially when you know what’s expecting you at home. Not only your family, friends and food, the good part obviously, but the same routine you were sick of and the monotony of your everyday life.
All I can think of is that I’ll have to go back to a small city, which is great during the summer but awful in the winter, with rain and blablabla. But this is not the worst. I just can’t imagine myself leaving all these people behind, and the environment and the feelings I’m having here.

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Sometimes our friends and family may not understand why we are so stuck to this life and only we, that lived this, know what makes us stay so attached to this reality. It may be hard on them this kind of “denial” to go back home but that’s what it feels to us when the departure time comes.

And since I don’t like to say goodbye to anyone or anything, a “see you later” will be my moto. So, as I’m only leaving on the 6th of July, some I will definitely see soon, others a little bit later.

Love and one big kiss to the ones leaving on the meantime!




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