Thanks EU. Thanks EXPO

While Europe is struggling with the immigrants avalanche and is desperately looking for solutions, me and a couple of other awesome people have been supporting EU into promoting its message at EXPO Milano 2015.

What happened there?

2015-09-05 16.53.19EXPO Milano 2015  is the Universal Exhibition that Milan, Italy that over a six-month period, Milan becomes a global showcase where more than 140 participating countriesover 20 million visitors to its 1.1 million square meters of exhibition area. Basically, this event happens once in 5 years, they have different themes and it’s an amazing opportunity, if you are a marketing addict like me, to see all the budgets and money invested into this. On the other hand, for people who just wanna go visit, is a great chance to meet and learn about countries and cultures.

What did we do there?

We learned about the story of Alex and Sylvia, the two main characters of the EU Pavilion story and we tried to showcase it in the best way possible.

Why was it so cool?

I met amazing people. Even if ending up in a group full of italians freaked me out at the beginning, I think I actually found myself to be the luckies girl. Great friends, great team spirit. Absolutely loved it.

  1. Learned a bit about how EU works, about JRC( their Research Centers in Europe)
  2. Visited many pavilions, countries and saw how technology is all over the place.   
  3. Got to hang out in Milano and people who know me, they know I am not easily impressed, but Milano blew my mind away. People, fashion, architecture, party, food, everything
  4. Met people who work for EU. I’ve seen their friendly face and their opinions about different matters
  5. Learnt, again, a bunch about 5 ***** customer support
  6. Showed up on Rai 3, italian TV and my friends from erasmus recognized me ( small glory moment)
  7. Filmed a small promo video for South Korea
  8. Learnt to speak Italian like a pro, milanese way
  9. Ate Kenian food
  10. Tried a plane simulator

For me, this was once in a lifetime experience and I do hope that if you pass by Milano you will go visit EXPO

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