Welcome to Lithuania

After a couple of days of rambling around Timisoara, getting to ESN there and how they work ( very good experience btw), we took off to Lithuania on Wednesday, at 6 am in the morning. Basically, I left after a night of no sleep, but super excited about this new adventure. We arrived in Poland wednesday night, at around 10 pm and met Przemek, an ESN-er from ESN Liublin, who was super nice to us and gave us a place to sleep. Having guests might actually be a pretty big issue, but after those 14 hours of driving, all we cared about was to crash somewhere.  Before arriving in Lithuania, we managed to see a big part of Poland. My conclusion? I don’t know much about th west side, but one can notice very deep signs of history in the East of Poland, with dark ex communist cities, big roads, but cheerful people. We arrived in Lithuania Thursday at around 1:30 pm. 2 hours later, it was already dark, which was a very big surprise to us.

What did we like about Lithuania?

  • Muses are born there apparently
  • You can do a tank drive. Like a real tank 
  • You can go to a spa in a forest
  • It’s close to Trakai, the castle surrounded by 200 lakes
  • Loved the city center of Vilnius
  • Loved all those amazingly decorated bars and coffee shops in Vilnius. It was probably the only place I’ve ever seen that has soo many beautiful coffee shops. They all look like new art museums
  • Loved the amber jewellery stores
  • All shops we saw sold vintage or very fancy clothes. Ladies there are very nicely dressed indeed
  • You can have a beer pong contest in a bar in Vilnius 
  • You can’t smoke in bars
  • They have a pretty big variety of beers

What was different to me? I couldn’t understand why

  • Sometimes I felt like this movie with ladies from Eastern Europe and it made me understand how little I know about these countries
  • It was a piano in every bar we went. It was quite cool though
  •  The schedule of the buses was so complicated to comprehend
  • This was an Eurovision song
  • The buses in a capital where euro will be adopted in less than 2 weeks, still look like the buses we used in Romania in the 70-80’s
  • Vilnius is such a traffic jammed city

One of the coolest things is that George, my ESN travel buddy, woke me up in Slovakia to show me the sun ( we haven’t seen it in the past month). The proof?

The conclusion?

We had no GPS for the 48 hours in the car, 2600 km, 4 countries, lots of fun,insight jokes, big debates and a lot of knowledge transfer. Thank you #CNDVilnius for an amazing event and for giving us the chance to travel to your beautiful country!

Wanna see a sneak peak of what happened in Vilnius?

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