What Romania made to our language skills

Erasmus: changing life, opening minds for 25 years.

We all came to Bucharest with different ideas in mind regarding our communication skills and well, we will all leave with different results. Eddy wanted to learn how to speak English, Alex chose us to practice Portuguese and French, Ana came here to study Russian on her own and I, well…

I came here pretty sure I was gonna leave totally bilingual in Romanian, a language so similar to Italian. I am leaving cheating on my exam, barely able to make a sentence and to give you an idea of how little I know, a Turkish who doesn’t actually speak Romanian taught me everything I know. Except if you wanna talk about food, I can read and translate any menu, I guess we can call it survival instinct.


Arriving in Romania without remembering how to say Buna ziua or multumesc, did not help for sure but in my defense imagine how hard it can be to learn a language when one of the 20 rules for plural says that if the name is neutral, finishes by a “u” preceeded by 2 consonant and the last consonant is a “r” then the plural is a “I”.

Alex would probably tell you I didn’t try, but I woke up almost every single Monday morning to go to a facultative 4 hours Romanian class, boring as hell just to try to catch some words.


You might also think I didn’t get any Romanian friends, at least that what my professor was thinking: “But Chloë, is your flatmate never talking?”. Weeeeell, I guess my Romanian friends were just better in languages than I am.

You might even think that I stayed in Bucharest where everybody knows English well, but none of this is true. I spent couple of weekends, surrounded by Romanians, in traditional village but when it came to Mamaliga and Lamb barbecue in top of the mountain, communication becomes universal. I can talk to you about acacia though and It smells good there.


People say that when it comes to language, the best way to learn it is love. I am leaving the country in love with Bucharest, in love with Romania, in love with my flatmate and in love with my Romanian friends. This is so much love, I am not sure I’d be able to handle it.

I keep telling myself that I am gonna learn it better later, it’s important to keep its hopes open I guess.

But even if M-am ratacit in Romania mi-a placut foarte mult.

Super pupici,


PS: I actually got a C, I didn’t improve my cheating skills either, but Ana : we made it !

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