When I started running

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Before Eddy  and Chloe moved in with me, I never liked running. Ever since za French moved in, we started running quite regularly  and I started seeing a couple of improvements in the way I am dealing with life.

1. I became more self aware

I became more self aware of my attitude, of things that can make me happy, of my motivation, of my stress level, of the things I like to do. I became more aware of the things I want to do and the things I don’t want to do. 


2. I started breathing better

Breathing a lot while running, I realised how calm I became and how worry less. Now I feel cleaner both on the inside and outside. Breathing while running taught me that I can take some time with myself, at least for that period of time. 

3. I managed to calm down even when my anger was all over my face

I am generally a very bubbly person, however, having got through a lot emotionally, I get hurt many times because of different people or situations. One of the most important things that running taught me is that no matter when and for how long I’m running, I will always run into myself, meaning that I need to get to peace with myself before I deal with the exterior drama. That’s why, everytime we had any emotional drama going on, we went running. 

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4. I dont need to think about things.

Running is my time with myself. I don’t need to think about things and if I do, I get to debate what bothers me with some of my favourite people in the world: my housemates.

5. I felt accomplished

Why? you would ask. Well, because I never thought I can run for 6 km in 30 minutes, or 8 km in 45 minutes, because I never thought I can climb 8 floors running. I felt accomplished because many times, despite the stress that was invading our bodies, I felt like I did something big that day.

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