Where tou ABSOLUT?


Generally big brands don’t stop to surprise you, and ABSOLUT is not an exception.

Recently, they created an application on facebook through which they organised a contest for their upcoming event where they had Woodkid as their main ,,attraction”. The experience was full. From the buzz they created around this event, to the place where they organised the concert , to the entry tunnel and finally the concert.

I am not gonna talk a lot about how many people fought to get an invitation to this event, because obviously, everybody looves Woodkid, but I wanna talk about my experience of going to this event.

First off, I loved the location. The wisely picked warehouse near the airport, made you feel like you’re really going for a journey and the planes in the aiport’s backyard gave me a feeling of making my dreams take off. As in this is the perfect timing.

Secondly, I loved the ,,introduction”. The ┬áso- called scientists at the entry, the free shots, the lights tunnel. A full experience of everything ABSOLUT stands for from my point of view.

And third, the concert about which I really don’t need to say anything because it was ABSOLUT. Complete, a beautiful artist who knows how to sing, how to engage with the crowd, who doesnt mistake Bucharest for Budapest, who knows how to make a complete show. I am also a big Woodkid fan, but my remarks have nothing to do with it. Moreover, the acustic and sound were perfect. Everybody I guess expected a really bad sound but again, they surpasses our expectations.

All in all, for me as a Woodkid fan and a communication person was a great experience and a PR lesson to learn from.

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