Why I miss working with real English speakers


Learning English for me was a true struggle, as I moved schools a couple of times and therefore teachers who were better or worse, making me learn more or less. I’m not a #grammarnazi, but I do enjoy when I can have a proper conversation in English with a person who doesn’t speak my mother tangue. 

Moving abroad gave me the chance of meeting people of all kind, but since my malaysian experience, I’ve been struggling with meeting people who are knowledgeable enough and are able to have a proper conversation in English. As part of being a great communicator, I need to make sure people understand what I ask from them, as well as what they ask for me. Here’s why I miss working with good English speakers:

1. I never have to explain myself twice. People understand what Im saying and they never tell me to explain them in stupid words because ,,nobody speaks english as good as I do”. 

2. They understand when I write complicated words and they never try to correct me when they dont understand the sense.

3. They dont get lost in the middle of my talking and make me repeat 3 times until they get the point.

4. I can speak as fast as I want. They will always get my point.

What are your struggles when it comes to different languages?


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