Why I never get hired


Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 4.52.20 PMOne of the first things that people generally ask you is ,,What do you do” aka ,,where/ what do you study?”, or ,,what do you work?”. I, I work on myself.

Well, let me tell you a story. I generally consider myself ,witty”. I’m not saying smart, beautiful, etc. I think I’m witty. Why? Because I have a pretty good intuition, because I managed to get out of shitty situations and because I am super creative and energetic.

In the past year I had about 40 people working under me in ESN international and about 150 in ESN Romania.  I learned how to deal with people, know my audience, know the people I work with, give contructive feedback, organise events with 650 people, you name it. I learned to recruit in my teams people with aspiration, ideas, people who are motivated.

Something I generally don’t understand is the workplace. The real workplace and nowadays entrepreneurs/ new companies. What working for Mindvalley taught me, is to be proactive, show enthusiasm and search for the best. Qualities, which as far as I can see, are not looked in today’s job market. Decision makers are generally looking for chill people, with some experience, who can take some problems off their head, because being proactive is too much of a headache.

Proactive people are not encouraged to develop, to put their creativity and enthusiasm into the development of any project/ company, proactive people are people who is too hard to keep up with.

And here my friends, is where I stand. The feedback I received generally from people who were about to hire me is that I am either too proactive, or much of a dreamer and they can’t offer me the environment for me to reach my full potential. Well, I guess, you are a company where nobody can reach their full potential, cause they don’t think they have any potential to reach. Think of the quality of the people you employ, and then think of yourself. They reflect, precisely, I may say, the personality, aspirations and dreams of the employer.

Thats the reason why most of the people I know hate their jobs. They hate the night shifts, they hate working from 9-6 ( not even 9-5) , they hate the ,,bosses” and people who consider themselves better than then and they dream that one day, they will run away from everything. That’s the reason why your company will continue having unhappy people, who don’t care about your company, as long as they receive money at the end of the month.

That’s why I hope that one day, I will work with fancy people!




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