Why the LSRS gala made me think


2 weekends ago I was invited to go, along with ESN Romania members, to the LSRS gala at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest. I have heard a bunch of things about this event and I was super excited to be there, to confirm or infirm some statements.

What I liked:

  • Everybody was super fancy dressed and it really felt like a gala. TV stations and reporters everywhere, champagne at the entry, food and drinks after the awards
  • Famous people and politicians were there, including the newly elected President of Romania
  • Students were awarded for their great achievements. Hope in youth restored!
  • How everybody’s hope in Romania is being restored, little by little, when seeing the new president talk. He spoke nicely, with a lot of good intentions and hope

What I didnt like? The talks!

All the BS talk about how students in Romania should come back home after an experience abroad. Let me tell me you something, as I’m talking from experience: they will never come back! But how can you say something like this? Well, they will never come back because after studying engineering in MIT, you will never want to come back home to struggle talking to idiots ( I’m not saying everyone here is), when you can as well continue doing whatever you are doing there and rocket your life in all the ways possible. Secondly, they will not come back because now, after 2, 3, 7 years abroad, they are used to different people, different places, food, lifestyle. Romania is a really nice country to be in, as long you can make money without getting through the ,,post-communist”  workstyle and menthalities. Raed Arafad, the head of SMURD, said it right: ,, We want you to come back, but Romania is not ready yet to welcome you back yet”. 

Something else I didn’t quite understand is how promoting the students abroad is beneficial for Romania, when brilliant students who are still living here are not being seen and recognized in any way. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why many of them are thinking of leaving? Haha! 

All in all, the gala was interesting, fancy and definately something to attend again! 

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