You fail, I fail


I have to admit this. I am a snob sometimes ( but aren’t we all?) and I like to think of myself as a person who delivers the best and asks for the best. This is why I have quite high standards ( from some people’s perspective) and I went for the best when I looked for a mentor. Went to the very best I thought were suitable for me.

I don’t wanna talk about this experience in particular, but about how we look up to some people and deep down our heart wanna become like them but instead when you get to know them you realise they’re no Batman or Superman and they do have real life issues: girlfriend/ boyfriend, being an entrepreneur problems, big ego.

And I think the ego is the  biggest problem of them all. When I choose to talk to a person that I consider better than me, more successful, more knowledgeble I wanna ask them questions and obviously in the future become at least as ,,cool” as them and in the best case scenario, better than them. However, you set up a standard for yourself, but when their ego comes aside, they let you think you’re doing amazing things, when instead you’re in the same comfy zone like the first time you met and you’re not making any progress. And this disappointment happens for two reasons:

1. You have too high expectations. You expect after working with such an amazing person as him or her to be better. Sometimes they put enough effort to push you further, sometimes they don’t.

2. They are not really willing to invest in you but they still play the good cop.

I think when they fail with you as a project, they fail as people. It’s like having a baby and instead of letting him go to school you tell him its ok to stay at home. They fail in leading you the way. Or maybe you’re the one who knows what’s the best for you and external help is often not needed. What do you think?


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